Démaé jewellery

Démaé jewelleryは梅田香奈深田恵里によるジュエリーのデマエプロジェクトです。


また、シルバーとガラスの共作ジュエリーも制作し、Démaé jewellery名義で発表を行っています。



Démaé jewellery is an artist unit ofKana Umeda and Eri Fukada.

We, two Japanese jewellery makers working with glass and silver/leather, respectively, and collaborating with each other actually deliver our one-and-only jewellery right to the places of your preferances.
Just let us know when and where, and we’ll be there!
We promise you that our products will give your everyday life a little sparkle.
Looking forward to making a “démaé” to you.